In short, we have two types of menu on offer, these are:


1. Fixed fee arrangement

How does this work?

Due to the availability of technology, we no longer need to see each other as regularly in order to get work done. If face-to-face interaction is not your key consideration in picking and choosing your accountant, this packages are designed for you.
What sort of services are included in these packages?      

In these packages, we include services to assist tax reporting that are predictable for Australian businesses to report to the Australian Taxation Office, these generally includes:

  • Business activity statements
  • PAYG Withholding statements
  • PAYG Instalment statements
  • Annual business tax returns
  • Annual financial statements
  • Tax planning
  • Ad-hoc general accounting and taxation queries


How do I communicate with NVC Accountants?


If you have any questions or concerns on a business transactions and are keen to seek some professional advice from your Accountant, at your fingertips, please send a detail email regarding the current situation, what your concerns are and attach any documentations that may assist our office in assessing your business’ circumstance, you will hear from us within 48 hours either with further questions to clarify the circumstance, or detailed explanation on what your business’ options maybe.


If need be, our team will give you a call to discuss your query, to ensure your questions are answered.


I am keen to give this a go, where do I start?

You can visit our Pricing page, to check out the signature packages to see if this will suit you and your business.


If your business’s characteristics is not of 100% match to the common features stated for the package, please feel free to leave us a message in the chat, our friendly team members will be in touch with you at earliest convenience to answer any queries you may have.


2. Job-based arrangement


How does this work?

Partially inheriting the traditional professional accountancy framework, where there will be face-to-face time with your accountants. This is perhaps a plus for you to get out of your business zone and view your business’ performance and discuss agendas in a new environment, this may bring sparks to the headspace!

New element from our office into this traditional model is that we do not bill by the hour, you will receive an estimated quote on the estimated time spent in our meetings and jobs performance by your request before we meet and before we start the job. In essence, your business will have a strong estimate on what to expect when the bill comes hits your inbox.

What sort of services are included in these packages?      

The regular compliance tasks mentioned in the fixed-fee arrangement are also available in this Job-based arrangement. As a business owner, once you get in touch with us with instructions in wanting our office to performance these tasks, you will receive a quote from us, once we have approval from you, and then we will start the action.

Other ad-hoc tasks which may not fall under the regular compliance tasks, which are open to both Fixed-fee and Job-based arrangement clients are:

  • Tax review on a prepared tax return by yourself or other accountants;
  • One-off tax planning on your current circumstance;
  • Business structure review;
  • Multiple financial years of outstanding tax reporting;
  • Capital gain assessment;
  • Stamp duty assessment;
  • If your task is not listed above, please contact our office so we can have your question answered.


How do I communicate with NVC Accountants?


You can reach us by:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Teleconference
  • Making an appointment and experience a meeting at our office


I am keen to give this a go, where do I start?


You can start by simply getting in touch with our office by leaving your details on this website, or send us an email to enquiry@nvconsultancy.com.au, or calling our office on +61(02) 9929 9991.

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